Generation: C

William Rose

Born: 1851 Died: 1941
Father: Donald Rose, 9th
Mother: Annie Murray

Mary Ann Letty Howard

Born: 1861 Died: 1899


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[Picture] A public spirited farmer and land and stock dealer. Good Salesman. Born Culrain. Buried Dannevirke. "A very wealthy and mean". Left a lot of his money to his daughter Lilian.

Married in 1880 at Tarradale, Hawkes Bay. Married again in 1909 to Tina ? from Scotland.

Revisited Scotland. Met Carnegie. According to Carnegie Library at Danneverke now. "Man of character, independent, firm, sense of humour".

According to Doreen Bowden, William kept race horses. He once painted a horse to change the odds. Was found out and disqualified for life.

Had a cousin, Rev. Donald Mackenzie, Presbyterian, at Pongora, in 1915, near Dannevirke.

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