Generation: B

Donald Rose, 9th

Born: 1803 Died: 1884

Annie Murray

Born: 1808 Died: 1863
Father: John Murray, II
Mother: Ann Matheson


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Both these pictures were taken in the 1850s!

[Picture] Donald Rose 10th.

[Picture] Annie Murray.

Of Badarrach. Strath Oykell.

Ann Murray. Born 1806, most likely at Rhaoine. She married Donald Rose the 9th of Baddarach, in Strathoykell. I first traced her through the alertness of the lady Librarian at Dannevirke. Then my knowledge was increased by correspondence with the once gay Kate Rose Howard Moore, still later and greatly by Marjorie Hendy, who married into the family and compiled a genealogy thereof. Then two first cousins, unaware of each other's existence, met one night at our house here, namely Doreen Bowden, with her daughter, and Irene Rose Bevan of the next village, Wombourne. Alan Tunnicliffe, M.A. of Invercargill, presently in this country, will complete the story of the Roses. I am grateful to him for much help about our co-laterals.

Of the family of Annie and Donald, 2 sons and 2 daughters went to New Zealand, the Church of Scotland paying their fares.

Donald Rose, 12th: "The Rose Family were around Culrain, as crofters. Then Donald Rose and his brother were crofters at Inverhouse, Ross-shire. Then each built a house at Badarach. These two did not go to New Zealand. Strath Oykell was not affected by The Clearances". But read John Prebble "The Highland Clearances".

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