Generation: C

Angus Ross

Margaret Rose

Born: 1835 Died: 1925
Father: Donald Rose, 9th
Mother: Annie Murray


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Angus was a Teacher. Moved to NZ in 1861. 30, Pine Hill Terrace, Dunedin, NZ.

Margaret "a darling" spoke Gaelic again after a stroke in old age!

Five daughters "five good lookers".

F. Stanley Arthur: Old Angus Ross sold bibles and cards and was a strict teetotaller and campaigned vigorously in the cause of Prohibition. Strangely enough my brother Ian Arthur, in some family papers discovered that old Angus before reaching NZ spent some time on the gold diggings in Australia, where he was a wine and spirit merchant. He ruled his household with a rod of iron and frequent recourse to the Bible. My mother (Jean) was the only daughter with courage to get married.

RLM: I wonder if he associated with Andrew Mackay (1844-78) at Maytown?

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