Generation: B

John McAlister, V

Born: 1836 Died: 1898
Father: James McAlister, I
Mother: Mary Thomas

Janet Wilson

Father: Archibald Wilson


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14Aug1836 - 27Apr1898. Died Dumfries.

Potato Farmer.


John married Janet Wilson ("Aunt Janet"), daughter of a Road Surveyor from Dunbartonshire. He seems to have farmed at Wester Auchincarroch, not very successfully. He took to drink. He died in 1898 and his widow, "Aunt Janet" to my mother, moved with the family to Dumfries, with her son Archie.

I often visited this last group with my mother.

Bill McLellan:

The only thing I can remember about Polly and Jim McAlister was their mother Janet; I can picture her all in black with a high collar with a wee bit of lace on top. She was so perjink and sat upright on the edge of her chair, speaking with a noticable correctness. Jim was a hefty fellow in tweeds, and heavy boots, who took you and I to various parks and places, pointing out wildlife, etc. Its a pity we did not note the many stories Polly used to tell, whe was a voluable nice kindly woman. Archie in Dumfries I did meet, but have no memory of him.

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