Generation: D

William Boochter Leininger

Died: 1935

Annie Mackay

Born: 1876 Died: 1958
Father: George Mackay
Mother: Agnes MacGowan


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Rev. Louis Lee Leininger:

"Annie Mackay, the second oldest daughter of George Mackay and Agnes MacGowan Mackay was born in Renton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, on February 13, 1876. When she was about 8 years old the family came to the United States, and took up residence in Jackson County, Missouri. Annie received a moderate education, was blessed with wide experience and was an avid reader.

On August 4, 1896, she was married to William B. Leininger at Lee's Summit, Missouri by Rev. W.M. Rader, a Methodist minister. This union was blessed with six children. (The second of these being the parson. RLM).

William Boochter Leininger was proficient at many types of employment. He was a good farmer, a gardner, a salesman, a merchant and meat cutter. He was a Baptist by profession of faith, with hope and assurance. He never met a stranger, and could make a friend of nearly all he met.

Mother (Annie) became a Baptist as a result of Bible study at an early age, and the influence of Grandmother Leininger who could only read German. She lived a consecrated Christian life and taught the adult ladies Bible Class in my church for many years. She was most skilled with a needle, making most of her clothing and her children's clothing for many years of her life. She patiently taught this art to her daughters and grand-daughters. She enjoyed travelling and was an alert companion. Letter writing was a delight of her later years. When over 70 she carried on a wide correspondence with many relatives and friends.

To her and her devoted influence I owe the greatest debt to the Lord. Two of her grandsons are now preparing for the Gospel ministry. Both are graduate Engineers of excellent standing and have answered a greater call for life and service. Daniel Neil and William Ray Leininger." (Both sons of the parson. RLM).

(Annie's six children have produced for her some eighteen grand-children and twenty seven great grand-children, to date, 1968. RLM).

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