Generation: E

Rev. Louis Lee Leininger

Born: 1899 Died: 1972
Father: William Boochter Leininger
Mother: Annie Mackay

Ollie McNeil

Born: 1908
Father: Tom Henry McNeil


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I tracked him down only after repeated diggings into the remote memories of my cousin, Jessie Petterson. She finally unearthed the name Langsford, associated it with some biblical names, e.g. Jonah, and with Kansas City. I, after some further efforts, got copies from the Telephone Directory of that city showing the name Langsford, and 'chanced my arm', with this result!

The whole letter is 20 pages in length, and I will pass the original on to my son, Alan, to make it available for anyone interested in elementary psychology.


Louis Lee Leininger, Senior, April 11th 1968:

Dear cousin,

Your wonderful letter sent to N.B. Langsford was forwarded to me because I was asked to preserve the records of the family tree. The information that I have received from the family records kept by Bella Langsford, Elizabeth Scruggs, and my mother, Annie.... I shall attempt to secure the remaining part and forward it to you if you so desire. (I wrote to him about my desire! RLM).

I am thrilled to hear from you and to know of your interest in the Kansas City (Missouri) Mackays. Through the years we had periodic family reunions. You will see from the records that only two of George Mackay's children are living, Elizabeth and James Louis.

I shall be pleased to work with you in whatever way you desire. The Lord willing, we expect to visit Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Jim in the next few months and to secure further information.

With every good with to you and yours,

Louis Lee Leininger, Senior. 1017, Leininger Drive, Belleville, Illinois 62221, U.S.A.

Before his death in 1972 the Reverend Louis published his genealogy in a most worthy and fascinating, expensive volume, which I would have liked to emulate, but cannot. For contacts, see Kansas MO. Telephone Directory for the name, and local Baptist churches for memorials. His charming widow spoke to me on the phone in Calif. 1973.

Although I gratefully, and I think graciously, acknowledged his contribution to the history of our family I must have dropped a 'clanger' somewhere, probably when I hinted that we had some charming pagans over here, and that there was a good field for his missionary endeavours over here in Blairgowrie, Glasgow and Wolverhampton. I sent him some slight sketches, but he did not acknowledge receipt, nor keep his promise about co-operation. I should have mentioned earlier that a vital link in my discovery of this chap was through a funeral parlour business in Kansas City run by a chap Langsford and his son. My second cousin, Isabel Mackay (1878-1963) married into that business. Read "The Loved One" by Evelyn Waugh!

All the children of the Reverent gentleman are musical and dynamic Baptists with families, mostly in the district around. Further details can be supplied on application to the undersigned!

The Precise Pastor who laid every one of these 17562 bricks is subject to the same errors and omissions, to the same misinformation from others, as I am. For neither he nor I knew our respective Mackay Grandfathers. He, however, had the advantage of living for a year or two with his Mackay Grandmother when he was 16 to 18 years old, and must have learned much from her. Further, he describes his family as "close-knit", which is the complete contrast to my own branch which spread itself over the wide world. So his sources are likely to be more reliable than mine.

Leininger is a quarter Mackay.

"Louis Lee (Senior) the son of William Boochter Leininger (1875-1935) and Annie Mackay (1876-1958) Leininger, was born near Liberty, Missouri on April 11, 1899, married Ollie Frances McNeil, August 27 1929, Kansas City, Missouri.

He professed a personal faith in Christ on November 19, 1911, entered the Gospel Ministry in 1923, Graduate Moody Bible Institute, ordained to the Ministry at Bales Baptist Church, Kansas City, September 7, 1928. B.A. William Jewell Baptist College, Missouri. (Liberty).

His first pastorate was at the First Baptist Church, Bolckow, MO. The following churches were also served in the St. Joseph (MO) Baptist Association: Flag Springs, Gravel Wall, Fillmore, Patee Park, Forest. In 1937 he was called as pastor of the St. Louis Park Baptist Church of St. Louis, Missouri, where he served from 1937-1945.

At the present time he is pastor of the Fifteenth Street Baptist Church, E. St. Louis, Illinois, where his work started on July 15, 1945. Here he was privileged to unite in marriage his six children. God blessed them with Christian helpmates.

He has been the Clerk of the East St. Louis Baptist Association for 22 years, is a member of the Illinois State Baptist Executive Board, Trustee and Secretary of the Trustees of the Baptist Children's Home at Carmi, Illinois, a member and Chairman of the Illinois State Baptist Historical Committee.

At the present time the manuscript of a book, "The Heritage and History of the East St. Louis Baptist Association, 1784-1967" has been completed by Pastor Leininger, and his beloved wife, Ollie F. Leininger. It is now ready for the press.

His talents cover a wide range: construction in stone, brick-laying, carpentry, cabinet maker, violin maker, general repair on all string musical instruments.

Uncles James and Dan Mackay taught Lee how to handle a gun and took him hunting as a boy. William Leininger hunted and fished with his sons. Lee instructed his sons, Lee, Jr., Ray and Dan, in the use of fire-arms. Many outings were spent together. Old-time muzzle loading rifles and shot guns, now antique, were repaired and rebuilt.

In later years Lee, Sr., Ollie, and Lee, Jr. enjoyed hunting deer in Western Colorado. There was always some "life" around the home, bee-keeping, raising of Jersey cattle, turkey, duck, pheasant, partridge and quail were hobbies enjoyed at different times. Musical training was supplied, leaving its happy harmony for each lifetime.

Family ties are close even although Lee and Ollie are now sole occupants of the family home built by members of the family. 17,562 bricks were laid by the father; mother and children mixed the mortar. Eighty percent of the work was done by the family.

The span of years here involved begins with the horse and buggy days and continues to the present space travel. It moves from the simple ways of the fore-fathers to the complex present of the computer age. A summary of all the years calls for thanks to the Lord for countless blessings and the fulfillment of His promises.

Ollie Frances McNeil Leininger, born 1908, graduate of Moody Bible Institute married Louis Lee Leininger, Senior, in 1929. Secretary to her husband for 29 years, a willing assistant in all his endeavours, teacher and speaker in many church activities. The years have been rich, filled to overflowing with happiness. Here is on who counts it a privilege to be a cake-baking, cooky-making, mother, grand-mother and home-maker.

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