Generation: D

Martin McCabe

Born: 1880 Died: 1927

Janet Black

Born: 1884 Died: 1938
Father: Archibald Black
Mother: Margaret Mackay


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Janet did not apparently have a very happy home life, and spent some of her youthful years with her grandparents at Bonar Bridge and with my Aunt Sarah MacDonald in Aberdeen.

Janet Black was with Aunt Sarah from age 14 to 21, working for 4 years 1901-1905 for W. Jolly and Son as a compositor, i.e. 1898-1905, in Aberdeen.

A photocopy left with me is a testimonial to the high character of Janet Black McCabe, dated 28th June 1905, before she left for Canada. She had worked for W Jolly and Sons for 4 years as a compositor. [See archives]

Moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1905. Married in 1908. Martin McCabe was an Irishman from Sligo area. He was a labourer with a drinking problem and died at the age of 42. Although McCabe was a moderate Roman Catholic all Janet's four children are Protestants. Janet appears to have been of a serious type. Her photo suggests quite good looks. She had high blood pressure in addition to her thyroid trouble. Grace spoke of her mother in terms of commendation.

See photocopy of birth certificate in archives.

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