Generation: D

Stewart Cook

Agnes Lindsay

Born: 1919
Father: John Lindsay
Mother: Agnes Gemmell


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Agnes was born 30th July 1919. She married Stewart Cook, ? of Lenzie, a builder. See photographs.

Agnes was a bridesmaid at my wedding, and a pretty one too. She still retains her very good looks, although now a grandmother of 50 years old. I do not see her very often for her husband's occupation has taken her and family to so many distant places for long periods of time, e.g. the Persian gulf, North Persia, the Soudan, the West Indies. She usually turns up with little warning at our house, an incurable optimist, wafted along somehow by the Almighty when trains, motors, boats or air travel have all broken down! There is always someone about to help her! Charmed by her smile! She, like John, plays well, and sings too. She can organise parties, can teach music and dancing, sewing and dress-making, and adapt to any kind of changing circumstance. In spite of her many abilities, she is very modest indeed, and a bright talker, good company, and ready for any adventure.

Her days are always full. At the moment, she is in Grand Cayman, and I think about to run a guest house there, while her husband continues in charge of Public Works for the Government. She plays the organ in the Presbyterian Church there. I have never known her ill or depressed. She, and not I, ought to write her own adventures.

She married young, about 19, and her three children have followed her lead in this matter. Their names are Wendy, Philip and Lindsay, and their present locations are West Africa, Malaya and Grand Cayman, respectively! Philip is a regular army officer, engineer attached to the Ghurkas.

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