Generation: E

Ron Bowden

Doreen Rose

Born: 1928
Father: Alexander Adam Rose
Mother: Ann Fraser


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Married 1951

12, Westview Grove, Wellington, NZ

Arrived at 5, The Parklands, in 1970. A bustling very talkative good looking wench, with v. slight thyroid enlargement but no ex opthalamus (RHM?). On a tour round the world. Allowed us only 1 hour in their programme. But stayed for a good lunch - 2 1/2 hours. Very pleasant, alert, knowledgeable/ Husband quiet. He is a furniture merchant at Upper Hatt. NZ (spelling?). Two daughters, one adopted.

Very interested in trying to prove that their Roses come from a titled family of Rose, at Kilravock Castle (or house) near Nairn. Kilravock Roses boast of a very long documented lineage.

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