Generation: C

James Ure Murray

Born: 1847 Died: 1929
Father: Donald Murray
Mother: Isabella Simpson

Agnes Robertson

Born: 1862 Died: 1937


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Born in Dumbartonshire. Moved to NZ in 1863, in "S.S. Aloe". Teacher/farmer/postmaster at Eltham, Dunrobin, Otago, NZ.

The ROTI School, near Eltham: ... Pupils admitted during the first year of the school included Agnes Murray [his daughter] and Alfred Murray [his son]. ... When first opened, the school consisted of one class-room but, with increasing roll numbers, further accommodation had to be provided, and a room measuring 22ft by 23ft was added in 1895, and in the same year the teacher's residence was errected by Messrs. Fitton Bros. ... At first, the whole of Boylan Road on the eastern side from Quin's corner to the railway line was standing bush. The roads were such in name only, there was little metal available, and in the winter time the mud was knee deep and more.

It was under such primitive conditions that Mr. J. Ure Murray took up his duties as first headmaster of the school on July 1, 1887. He had a farm on Mountain Road about two miles south of Eltham. ... Mr. Murray relinquished his duties on January 31, 1893.

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