Generation: D

William Mackay Robertson

Born: 1875 Died: 1930
Father: James Robertson
Mother: Katherine Mackay

Eva Andrews and Mary McDermott


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"Big Bill". Iron Moulder. Superintendant of National Transit Co. foundry.

Married twice. Lois Robertson by first marriage.

Robert K. Robertson wrote of his uncle:

"Uncle Bill was called "Big Bill". He was 6 foot 2 inches tall, weighed 200 pounds with no fat. He was foreman in a big foundry in Oil City. I worked for him one summer and lived at his house with Aunt Mame and the nine children. We got along very well. His house was on the Allegheny River, right in the heart of the Oil country. The country was desolate and bleak, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Uncle Bill always wore a big sombrero. He stood on a platform in the foundry and hollered so loud. He bellowed like a bull, and I would like you to know that everyone paid attention. They used to say he had eyes in the back of his head. He was fair, but ran a tight show."

Robena added:

"William was the oldest, born about 1873/5. He married a lovely English girl, Eva Andrews. Sadly, Eva passed away when her baby was just two years old, and Katherine Mackay Robertson (RLM's cousin) raised the child until William's second marriage to an Irish girl, Mary McDermott, who provided him with nine children in Oil City." (RLM has tried twice to get telephone addresses of Robertsons of Oil City and Franklin).

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