Generation: B

John McLachlan, I

Margaret McIntosh Murray

Born: 1818 Died: 1889
Father: John Murray, II
Mother: Ann Matheson


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Several times before War I I visited at the stylish house, "Dunrowan", in Ibrox, with my father. I remember vividly the rowan trees there and the greenness of the grass, and the tidy paths. There was an old lady there, so old that I took no interest in her, but rather in the cake and mild which one of her haughters gave me. Perhaps a sixpense also. But of the old lady I remember nothing, except a white shawl over her shoulder. She was my father's Aunt, Margaret Murray McLachlan.

Lord Ormidal's judgment over China Bill's estate has this sentence: "Mr. Murray (an orphan) then went to live for a short time with a Mrs. McLachlan, a sister of his father. His life with her and her family appears not to have been very comfortable or happy, and while still a boy he left them and took up residence with an uncle, Donald Murray, a brother of his father, in Rutherglen".

John was a shipbuilder of Bow and McLachlin. Lived at Largs.

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