Generation: D

John Lindsay

Born: 1909
Father: Robert Lindsay
Mother: Agnes Gemmell

Isobel James

Born: 1914 Died: 1988


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John is 13 years younger than I am, and therefore I did not come to know him until after War I. Sometime when he would be about say 12 years old, I was visiting Perth at Cherrybank, when he took me up a country lane to show me bird's nests. He seemed to know everything about birds. At that time he was studying music with enthusiasm. Then for 20 years our contacts were rare and short.

He was of average build, and usually looked somewhat serious. Nonetheless he did enjoy a joke. He became a motor car assessor for the General Accident Company of Perth, a position he still holds today. His company moved him about quite a lot, in succession to Leicester, Cheltenham, Plymouth, in each of which places as also in Perth he plays as an amateur in the City Orchestra, as a violinist.

Now, in his spare time, he is teaching the violin to the boys at Glenalmond School, near Perth. With his remaining leisure he has commenced to construct and to repair violins and violas, and is showing genuine craftsmanship therein. Last year, I was thrilled to have him demonstrate his first viola to me, and today I understand he has several orders in hand.

A chronic dyspepsia for which he had a partial gastrectomy, and a chronic dermatitis herpetiformis always requiring treatment have prevented him from indulging in rough games. Yet during War II he served in the Army for several years, including a period in the Near East.

Beside his handicraft, he is interested in reading. He follows the Lindsay family tradition of membership of the Baptist Church. None the less, he is quite critical of the Church and its Creed or dogma, but in a quite dispassionate way.

The joy of his life is Isabell James, his wife, who has given him a daughter, Jennifer, and two sons, Eric and David.

A modest man, a fine musician, and good parent and friend, he is of the salt of the earth.

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