Generation: Z

John McLellan

Father: The McLellans

Ann Henry


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Weaver in Kilsyth.

Hugh Wyllie, Dean of Guild - Extracted by John Wilson:

A John McLellan, Weaver, enrolled as a Burgess of Glasgow on 22 June 1778 in virtue of joining the Glasgow Volunteers. [See William McLellan III]

Facsimile copy of ticket in MBM's possission, 1971.

Bill McLellan 10Aug71 letter to RLM: I think the McLellans came from around the Loch Broom area in mid-17th Century, but how one can establish that I just don't know. As you can see, they were weavers from the start of the Kilsyth story, and must have been in a fair way of business.

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