Generation: B

John McNish, I

Born: 1831 Died: 1917

Hellen Brown

Born: 1837 Died: 1919
Father: John Brown, II
Mother: Janet Wilson


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MBM: Hellen Brown (Spelt that way!)

Born 1837. Died 1919, aged 83. She married Mr. John McNish (1831-3Apr1917). They lived at Castlebank, Lochmaben, a most beautiful township. Perhaps we should say "Town". They had two sons, one John Brown McNish who became Town Clerk at Lochmaben, and another William who died at Ayr on 24Aug1957 in his 86th year, according to the gravestone in Lochmaben. We enjoyed the hospitality of a grandson, Dr. David McNish, of Lonsdale, Albert Road, Dumfries this year, 1970, and as a result got a bit mixed up on the details of his Brown family tree. Perhaps he will kindly remedy our deficiency!

In Lochmaben cemetery: "Mary Black, wife of John McNish who died at Lochmaben 27Jan1857, age 25 years. Also John, their son who died 10Sep1856, age 10 months. Also John his son who died 26Jan1863 aged 6 weeks. Also Jessie his daughter who died at Castlebank, Lochmaben, 6May1886, aged 35 years". (N.B. John must have been married twice, Mary Black having died young). "Also the above John McNish who died at Castlebank 7May1917 in his 86th year and Hellen Brown his wife who died at Castlebank 7May1919 in her 83rd year. And their son William who died at Ayr 24Aug1957 in his 86th year."

Also in Lochmaben Cemetery: "William Brown died at Barras 16Jan1852, aged 86 years (i.e. born 1766, where?). Also his spouse who died at Barras 11Mar1853 aged 86 years (i.e. born 1867, where?). Also Agnes Brown, daughter of William who died at Halboths (Hallhills) 2Feb1861 aged 53 years. Also Adam Brown his son who died at Cleughfoot 15Dec1874 aged 62 years. Also Mary K??? (Kinion?) widow of Adam Brown who died at Burnfoot, Sibbaldbie, 3Apr1890, aged 82 years (i.e. born 1808)".

I should think Cleughfoot is beside Nethercleugh, near Lammonbie. Well what do you make of that lot? Near enough to be collaterals! Is Barras the name of a house? Where is Halboths (Hallhills near Sibbaldbie on 1" map). Can you help?

George Gilchrist, Burgh Chamberlain of Annan has published a volume named "Memorials of Applegarth and Sibbaldbie". I think he is also on a survey of Applegarth Burials, not yet published.

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