Generation: E

Peter Hodgkinson

Sheila Margaret Mackay

Father: Robert Lindsay Mackay
Mother: Margaret B. McLellan


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Born 2Mar1929 in Wolverhampton.

Sheila married Peter Rowland Hodgkinson 12 December 1953 in Wolverhampton.

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Both Sheila and Peter are architects. They both worked in Wolverhampton for a number of years and then moved to California where Sheila has had her own architectural practice for fourteen years. Specializing in residential design, additions and remodelling, she finds a home-base office particularly appropriate. Working in the Mountain View - Los Altos area, she is familiar with local requirements. She helps owners to bring their homes up-to-date to suit family needs, more stringent building requirements, and to take advantage of the changing environmental conditions around them. She is especially interested in helping owners maximise the real value of their homes for enjoyable living and working.

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