Generation: E

Ian Donald Hendy

Father: Albert E. Hendy
Mother: Eliza Howard Rose, "Tottie"

Marjorie Haggett

Born: 1913


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Accountant. Princess St. Marjorie born at Invercargill.

Was in M.E.F and NZEF in Crete (and Greece?). Wounded and invalided. Is Secretary of Dannevirke Electric Power Board. Music has played a big part in his life. 40 years in local brass band. Now suffering as a bad case of emphysema.

RLM: We stayed with Marjorie Hendy, then a widow, for 2 days in 1976. We were taken out to dinner by her to her brother-in-law's house, William Edward Hendy and his wife Elspeth MacLeod. Very fine types - all 3. We also met 3 of Marjorie's four sons.

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