Generation: D

John Mackay Robertson

Born: 1881 Died: 1959
Father: James Robertson
Mother: Katherine Mackay

Robena Cochrane

Born: 1880 Died: 1976


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Iron Moulder. "Benie" oldest of five.

Robena Cochrane married John Mackay Robertson in 1904. She wrote:

"After my marriage John left home many times to work, and one project he worked on was the Panama Canal. You asked me what I did in my early life, and all I can say about myself is I married John Robertson and raised four sons. John died 10/6/1959."

Robena's son, Robert K. Robertson wrote about his father:

About my father John. What do I write? What do I feel? I never did understand him. There was no communication between us, as father to son. In all due respect I think I knew him a little better, or at least I could talk to him, after I was married and had my own family. When we were small it seemed that my father believed that children should be seen but never heard. He was also a foundry worker, and a union leader. He worked good, but he was never at home while we were young. He travelled a lot to jobs out of the country, and when he did work near home, he always came home from work, washed and changed and went out. Mom often asked him where he was going, and his reply was always "OUT".

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