Generation: A

Alexander Murray, I

Born: 1773 Died: 1862
Father: John Murray, I
Mother: Ann Sutherland

Helen Matheson

Born: 1808 Died: 1858
Father: ? Matheson


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Alexander Murray I (1772-1862) who inherited Inchure, and married Helen Matheson of Clash na Grave, near Dornoch, when she was 15. She kept on producing children for him until the year 1852, by which time Alexander was 80 or so. A remarkable achievement in a non-Arab country! She was born 1808/1809, and died 29th March 1858, age 49. Exhausted. She must have been some 35 years younger than her husband.

The present representative of this branch of the family is Alexander Sutherland, of Balcharn Farm, 1 mile North-East of Lairg. He is an excellent historian. Without his aid and generous help there would be no family story today.

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