Generation: C

Donald Murray Mackay

Born: 1843 Died: 1907
Father: Andrew Mackay, II
Mother: Elspeth Murray

Harriet Ross and Robertus Patterson


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Seems to have been of very good quality. Became a manager of branches of Bank of New Zealand in South Island. Always had a sentimental regard for his homeland, and kept in touch with his parents and with "Crupach". He was trained in banking in the office of his uncle, Provost Donald Murray of Rutherglen, along with his more famous cousin, John Murray, who became General Manager of the Bank of New Zealand.

He was manager at Arrowtown when the big goldrushes were on around there. There is a portrait of him in the museum there.

First four children by Harriet Ross, second four by Robertus Patterson.

Mr. Raymond Wyber, 195 Margaret Street, Invercargill, married a great grand daughter of Donald Murray Mackay by his first wife, Harriet Ross. His large diagram of family relationships in N.Z. has helped me greatly. John Spence Mackay, a grandson of Donald by his second wife, Robertus Patterson, lives and farms at No. 9, R.D.Feilding, N.Z. and is a good contact for further history. Mrs. Margaret Mackay Somerville, of 57, Elizabeth Street, Invercargill, is a daughter of William Gerald Mackay. I fancy, like myself she is getting up in years, but she did send me a postcard. Andrew Gerald Mackay, living at Otantua, 32 miles from Invercargill, a plumber by profession, would be a good historian for his branch of the family.

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