Generation: D

Jock W. Love Howie

Jessie Murray Mackay

Born: 1899
Father: George Mackay
Mother: Mary Lindsay


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My sister, Mrs. Jessie Howie, lives at 32, Chequerfield Drive, Wolverhampton.

This is not a biographical sketch. Either Jessie, or Reay, or some of Jessie's nephews and nieces will have to write it. It is only here intended to type a Who's Who kind of notice!

[Picture] Jessie as a child, [Picture] and at her marriage to Jock Howie.

Jessie Murray Mackay. Daughter of George Mackay and Mary Lindsay.

Born 28th November 1899 (Makes her a Victorian!) Sister of R.L. Mackay, the typist. Educated Willowbank School and Hillhead High School. Interested in Chemistry. In Chemical Laboratory during War I.

Married, 28th Jan 1928, [Picture] Jock Howie, of African and Eastern Trading Company. One daughter, Reay, born 1931. Ran a restaurant at Cobham, 1930-34. or 1934-1938? Moved to Surbiton 1938, and there throughout War II. Jock died 1946. Trained as shorthand typist, etc. Worked for Colt's Ventilators Ltd. for 7 years. Left ?1954 to work her way round the world 1954-1958 ? Worked London 1959-61? Worked San Francisco and Boston 1961-63. Back to UK 1967. These dates are all wrong. 4 years missing . To Wolverhampton 1967. To Reay's wedding in Boston 18th December 1968, we hope.

R.L.M. 16th December 1968.

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