Generation: A

Henry Sinclair Thomson, I

Died: 1838

Jane McAlister

Born: 1801 Died: 1837
Father: John McAlister, III
Mother: Catherine Donald


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Died at Haldane Cottage, Balloch.

Jane or Jean 1801-1837. Married Thomson, a seagoing Captain from Orkney (Captain of "Othello" of Liverpool), whom she must have met at Greenoch where she lived with her two brothers John and William during their educational years. Jane died aged 36 years leaving three small children who were reared by their grandmother in Orkney. Captain Thomson died at Haldane Cottage, Mill of Haldane, Balloch.

This Jane McAlister I knew nothing about until last year (1983) when one Sunday I had a phone call at Wolverhampton from a gentleman with a cultured voice who said "I am a sort of cousin of yours". "How come" said I. Reply "I have just been visiting Auchincarroch and reading a letter of yours written to the present occupant of the farm". "Oh, you must be on the McAlister side", I said.

Thus a new cousin many times removed arrived on the scene, Paul Tomlinson, a great grandson of Jane. He lives in Port Hope, Ontario and has three brothers, Michael the eldest lives in Chiswick, a retired tea-planter from Ceylon. This last summer, 1983, when I was in Nova Scotia, I flew to Toronto to visit Paul and his wife, Ann, in Port Hope on Lake Ontario. We compared genealogical tables and got our respective connections sorted out. Paul gave me a table of Jane and her descendants. He is very anxious to find how many male McAlisters now exist. These are the offspring of Archibald McAlister a grandson of James, Jane's brother, 1807-1894, the Laird who married Mary Thomas, and their daughter Margaret who married Robert Brown schoolmaster, Jamestown, who was my maternal Grandmother.

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