Generation: A

William Murray, IV

Born: 1784 Died: 1841
Father: John Murray, I
Mother: Ann Sutherland

Christina Matheson

Born: 1795 Died: 1852


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RLM Epistle 4:

William Murray IV, 1784-1841, the youngest. A catechist. He married Christina Matheson of Pittentrail, Strath Fleet. She was 11 years his junior, being born in 1795. She died at Earltown, Nova Scotia in 1852. William and she and their baby daughter had gone there in 1822. Life had got difficult in Strath Fleet. Once overseas, they founded a formidable and distinguished family. These include farmers, preachers, writers, and researchers. The late William Murray Goodwin, of Mannotick, Ottawa has summarised it well, but his accounts could be improved with more personal stories. The present historian of the family is Mrs. Elizabeth Murray Stevenson, of 245, Engleburn Avenue, Peterborough, Ontario, who was born in 1905, has three children, and a willing, facile pen. Another lady who can add to the history is her cousin, Mrs Joan Murray Payzant, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She also has three of a family.

Sailed to Nova Scotia, 1773, with his wife and daughter Nancy. The emigrant ship "Hector" sailed from Greenoch and from Loch Broom, with 200 emigrants for Pictou County in Nova Scotia and for Boston and Falmouth in New England.

Buried Earlton.

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