Generation: C

Margaret "Crupach" Mackay

Born: 1841
Father: Andrew Mackay, II
Mother: Elspeth Murray

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"Crupach" which is Gaelic for 'lame'. A spinster. Best of the bunch! Did she get polio at the same time as John? Died at Bonar Bridge at age 90+. Would she be buried with her parents in the family grave at Kincardine? No inscription on stone. She had outlived everybody! Her photo shows a most formidable woman, but every report points to a most kindly person, of high moral and physical courage. I wish I had known her when I was encamped at Tain in 1915.

She had an allowance from her very kind brother, Donald, in NZ. She looked after two children of her brother George, when he left Glasgow for USA. She had soon to then them to USA.

"Very helpful round the croft". "A good baker".

Sent 100 to Mary Sophia J. her sister in law. Why?

Where was she buried? With parents? Creich?

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