Generation: C

Stella Whyte

Born: 1882 Died: 1970
Father: John Whyte, I
Mother: Isabella Black

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In 1970 we visited Stranraer and found Stella, the sole survivor, living with a housekeeper in a queer style, obviously suffering from Senile Dementia. She was murdered by this housekeeper shortly after our visit.

RLM Nov. 1970:

Stella had been engaged to marry the popular young minister of the nearby church. He had joined the Argylls as a combatant officer, and was killed in France. During the war the church appointed as his successor the best man they could attract. A most unprepossessing man he was, ugly, with a stutter and uncouth manners. There was a move afoot to get Stella to marry him. She revolted, rightly, poor lass, and carried her sorrow all her life.

Stella and I have exchanged news every year at Christmas. Stella lives alone in an old house near "The Park". We visited her this last September. She is 85 or so. Still surrounded by her old furniture, undusted bookcases, pictures, bric-a-brac, and facing her chair, a photo of Alan taken just before Arras. She has a house-keeper help, to whom she never speaks! The 'help' turns on the wireless or T.V. in the evening, keeps it roaring until 11 p.m. and then goes upstairs to bed. And Stella gets peace! The 'help' is old, too.

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