Generation: D

William "Bill" McLellan

Born: 1903
Father: James Kirkwood McLellan
Mother: Robina Wilson Brown

Cora Eva Smith

Born: 1910 Died: 1978

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Born 30Oct1903 in Partick, Glasgow. 22, Darnley Avenue, Scotstoun, Glasgow.

5 Years apprentiseship at the Albion Motor Works, Scotstoun. and night shift classes. Qualified Mechanical Engineer.

Employment: 1) In France, firm unknown. 2) N. Ireland. Wilson, Fruit bottling. 3) With Coty, as consultant Engineer.

married Cora Smith 3June1934. Lived at 17, Darby Cres. Sunbury-on-Thames.

4) Wartime. Ministry of Supply. 1939-45 Rocket Signals for Navy. Tests at Scalpa Floe. 5) Glaxo. 20 years as a consulting Engineer. 2 years in Australia.

Retired at 65 years lived at Charmouth, Dorset.

1992 has been in Masonic Home in Bury-St-Edmunds for 5 years.

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