Generation: D

Robert Robertson

Born: 1890
Father: James Robertson
Mother: Katherine Mackay


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The fourth son is Robert Robertson, born 1890, and therefore taken as an infant from Glasgow to U.S.A. About him Robert K. Robertson his nephew writes:

"Now there was Uncle Bob Robertson. He was a strange one. He was supposed to be the best coremaker in the business, and I tend to believe it. I was learning the trade, and Uncle Bob was always asked on the most difficult jobs. He would start them, get them under control, so that others could handle them, then Uncle Bob quit. He would then go "on a toot". I don't think he was ever happy as a coremaker. He had a mate's licence on the boats. Then, some foreman from the foundry would look him up when they had a problem, take Uncle Bob out for a few drinks and tell him that they had a job he could not do. That was all Uncle Bob needed - the challenge. He would tackle the job, sometimes finish it, and be gone again. Bob was not one to worry about the future. Tomorrow was always "Ma–ana". He is not 77 and living in Atlantic Highlands Nursing Home, Atlantic Highlands, and "feeling good" and "for his age his mind is very good".

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