Generation: Z

Donald Matheson

Died: 1793
Father: Hugh Matheson

Helen MacDonald

Died: 1810
Father: John MacDonald


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Of Brae. Helen for Rearquhar, Dornoch.

Donald Matheson, of gloomy Craigkilisie, died 13 years before his father, Hugh. Why? And his widow, Helen Macdonald, died on 3rd August 1811 at Rhaoine (Rymie), the house of her daughter, Ann Murray. She may well have been evicted in 1810 from her house at Brea in the Strath Carnaig Clearances by the tacksman, Captain Robert Mackay of Torboll.

All children born at Craigkilisie in Strath Carnaig.

I have written more about this family in 'Matheson No. 3'. Their present representatives are James Matheson, V.R.D. 81, Langside Drive, Glasgow. A stockbroker. Also Mrs. Doreen Mould, Kincaple, St. Andrews.

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