Generation: B

Alexander Calder

Catherine Murray

Born: 1817 Died: 1886
Father: John Murray, II
Mother: Ann Matheson


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Born at Cregnaclacul, some 200 yards North of Aisdale. Married Alexander Calder of Achuan, 1/2 mile to South. Died at Achuan. Buried at Creich - there is a good gravestone. Her great grand-daughter lives there today. Miss Kate Mackenzie, a most loyal contributor to our saga. Should be visited. Is on telephone. Registered as being born at Cregnachlachul, just above Craigton, before John Murray went to Glasgow.

The Murray-Calder-Mackenzie Family Tree is really just like a bit of a skeleton: it needs some flesh and clothes on it. And I have not been able as yet to do it justice.

The tenants of "Achuan" were:

Robert Calder. 1790-1847. (Rent book) Married Jean Mackay. Alexander Calder (Rent books missing) John Calder (Rent books missing). John went to U.S.A., married a widow. Then to Canada. John's sister, Helen Calder, married Thomas Mackenzie of Helmsdale. Thomas Mackenzie, 1920-1952. Kate Mackenzie, from 1952 to date.

Legend: According to Kate's father, Alexander, "The Mackays were predominant around Bonar. The first Calder came here from Cawdor seeking refuge. He married a daughter of the local chief Mackay. Because of that union the Calders were given for all time the head of the cemetery at Creich as burial ground. That happens to be the case now".

I have learned nothing of Catherine Murray, alas. Apart from Kate Mackenzie, I have to record visiting at Achuan and meeting her mother, Janet, a fine capable old lady (not in our lineage, although a Calder), and Kate's younger sister from Elgin (?).

Of the 57 Murray-Calder-Mackenzies on my list, 51 remained in these islands. 2 each to Australia, Canada and South Africa. They were not colonisers. Insurance, shops, crofting, carpentry engage some of them. Only in the 4th generation after Catherine Murray do they send 2 to the University.

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