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The Vicallisters / McAlisters


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Lairds of Auchincarroch from 1616, owning three farms on the land on hillside above Loch Lomond: Easter, Middle and Wester Auchincarroch. John was the name given to the eldest son in each generation and he became the Laird.

Early MacAlisters

The original document, of which this is a copy, was for long in the possession of Robina Wilson McLellan. The seal which at one time accompanied it appears to have been lost, perhaps some generations ago. The document was then given by Robina to Cora Smith McLellan, her daughter-in-law. It runs thus:

AT LANRIK IN MENTEITH, 30th June 1616.

Feu-charter by James Haldane of Glenaglis (now Gleneagles) with consent of Margaret Murray his wife, to William Mackinlay, alias Makintailyeour in Blairnahill, commonly called Blairnyle, and Christine Vicallester, his wife, of half the forty shilling lands of Kilmarannack, barony of Haldane and sheriffdom of Perth.

Mackinlay and his wife and their successors are to pay Haldane and his wife and their successors the sum of ten merks (6/13/4) Scots, annually, and also 8d Scots in augmentation of their rental. Payment is to be at two terms in the year. They are also to render the following services: 26 loads of peat and 5 loads of turf to the Manor of Boturrich or wherever Haldane and his successors shall live in the barony of Haldane; the services of 1 1/2 reapers for one day in autumn and of one draught animal for one day in spring or autumn; one "long carriage" between the mansions of Butarrich and Lanirik in Menteith or between places of a similar distance apart or other houses within the Barony. In the case of the above services, food for men and beasts is to be supplied by the superior.

Mackinlay and his successors shall pay 25 merks (16/13/4) Scots in the year of their first entry into the lands. If any heir fails to enter within 60 days of the death of his predecessor, the superior shall distrain upon his goods for the above sum in terms of a decree of the baron court of Haldane. The superior shall be bound to receive the heir upon payment of the above sum. Mackinlay and his successors are to have their corn ground at the superior's mill at Lafreisbeg, they are to pay any taxation upon their lands, and are to appear at baron court when cited.

If the payment of the feu duty falls two terms in arrears the superior shall receive a double duty for the year concerned, and shall be entitled to distrain for payment in terms of a decree of the baron court. In return he renounces his statutory right to annul the feu for non-payment of feu duty. If, in the process of distraint the superior's officers are deforced (i.e. resisted) the escheat of the deforcer shall fall to the superior. If there is a second deforcement, the life rent of the lands shall fall to the superior. The Grantor appoints John Dennistoun in Trevebeg as his baillie to give sasine in terms of the charter.

The witnesses are David Haldane, stewart-depute of Menteith, Duncan Buchannan of Caschulie, Robert Cuninghame of Trevebeg, Daric Muray and Andrew Kiry, the Grantor's servants, James Forrester, notary public, and James Don, notary public, writer of the document.

Signed by the Laird of Gleneagles and his wife and by the witnesses.

[MBM: A one inch map shows several of these places today, 1970. Our charts show that our McAlisters were in continuous occupation of farms, mills or houses in the district from 1616 onwards, i.e. always in sight of the Loch and Ben Lomond. The last house in their possession was Woodburn, about a couple of miles up the hill from Jamestown, pleasantly situated beside a little stream into which children fell from time to time.

The last occupants of Woodburn were Jessie, died 1935, William, died 1941, and Susan, died 1948...all unmarried. The house was left in her will to Susan's surviving nephew, Archie McAlister who came up from Dumfries, and lived in by him and his wife for a year or two. But it was too quiet from them, and was sold to strangers.]

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