Generation: D

George MacDonald

Born: 1887 Died: 1948
Father: Donald 'Dan' MacDonald
Mother: Isabella Mackay

? MacKenzie

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George, like his father and two older brothers was a joiner by trade. After his apprenticeship my recollection is that he was mostly away from home, living in lodgings near his work. He was for some years with Fifes, yacht builders in Fairlie on the Clyde.

I remember he was of attractive build and somewhat of a good looker. He liked to dress well. He married in Glasgow about 1913 a widow named Mrs. Mackenzie, and he and his wife set off for Australia a few days later. I gather from Bill after World War II that he or Alan rarely saw George, but that he was again employed in building yachts. He did not come to Britain with the Australian Forces, and he never wrote to any of us. All that Bill knew of him was that he died as a result of a ? shooting accident.

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