Generation: C

William McLellan, II

Born: 1866
Father: Rev. William McLellan
Mother: Margaret Kirkwood Hogg

Catherine Murray Nice


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Born Haddington.

A jeweller in Edinburgh.

MBM 1984:

William McLellan II. Born 2Jul1866. Married Catherine Murray Nice.

William had two sons Murray and Menzies, and was a jeweller in Edinburgh, at Chamber Street, near the Bridge, inheriting the business from Uncle Kirkwood. He lived at Morningside, a very select district of Edinburgh. I remember visiting there with my Mother and playing with my two cousins, who went to Merchiston Castle School. I am reputed to have boxed the ears of one of them.

Murray went to the Army and was married several times, once to a Mackay. Menzies became a G.P. and practised in Woking. They were all rather superb persons who made us feel we were below their station in life.

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