Generation: D

James MacDonald, I

Born: 1899 Died: 1933
Father: Donald 'Dan' MacDonald
Mother: Isabella Mackay

Kate Douglas

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Engineer. Kate from Dundee. No children.

Frank Macdonald:

Jim never met Alan, Bill, George or Dan. During off-terms from the West of Scotland where he had chosen a course on Forestry with the intention of joining the Indian Forestry Commission he came to Benmore Estate (where I as already employed in the office) to do some practical work. We shared lodgings. He was a good fun-loving lad.

He went to France early in January 1918, and was wounded in the March retreat. A German bullet struck him near the mouth. It left a nasty looking scar along his cheek to just below the ear. When he was well again he went into the motor business. He became manager of the Gourock-Greenock-Port Glasgow Bus Service and later joined Shell-Mex. There he was a Technical Engineer and Routing Organiser. His chief assured me Jim was very good at his job, and was very popular.

He died in 1932 from Septicaemia (?pneumonia). His widow (Kate Douglas of Ayr) lives in Dundee. They had no children.

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