Generation: D

Alexander Hamilton

Margaret MacDonald

Born: 1889 Died: 1965
Father: Donald 'Dan' MacDonald
Mother: Isabella Mackay

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I have a feeling that Meg as a girl and in her teens had a pretty thin time, so far as the ordinary pleasures of youth are concerned. She would have little time for pleasure, as, while working all day, she was also studying chemistry. I can only recall one occasion when she and I in our middle teens went out to a dance together. I cannot remember either Alec or George taking her out. Prior to her marriage she was a dispensing chemist in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Her husband, Alexander Hamilton of Airdrie was part owner with his brother and his two sisters of three newspapers circulating in Rutherglen, Coatbridge and Airdrie districts. They also had a good printing business. She survived her husband. There was no family. She died in 1965, and I think would leave a fair amount. She had the life rent of her husband's business. I am told that one half of the estate was bequeathed to Alec Hamilton's nieces, and the remaining half divided equally among my brother Alec's four grandchildren. Alec too got about a couple of hundred savings certificates.

Meg and Alec seldom visited Aberfeldy to see Mother in her old age, and not at all after her death.

(Frank is the scribe).

Jessie Howie reports:

She remembers Meg's wedding to Hamilton for she acted as bridesmaid on that occasion. Hamilton was a very fine fellow, but very slow in his courting of Meg. Meg was very good to look at, having auburn hair and brown eyes. As bridesmaid Jessie received a beautiful silver tray from Meg. Some few years ago during Meg's widowhood Jessie stayed at her house and had a most pleasant reception. The house, furniture, etc. was spotless, everything was perfect. She still had her late husband's car in the garage, unused. Alec her brother described her as a bit nervous and also careful about money.

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