Generation: C

Jas Palmer

Died: 1915

Janet Murray

Born: 1858 Died: 1948
Father: William Murray
Mother: Margaret Buchanan


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Born Glasgow 19/8/1858. Died Accrington, Lancs. March 1948.

Before her marriage Janet worked as a maid in a manse. Janet married James Palmer. He was a joiner and a local Labour Leader. "When he took the Chair as President of the old Independednt Labour Party he trembled at the knees when he rose to speak" (William Palmer).

William Palmer, her only son, wrote:

"My memory of my dear Mother is never dimmed by the passage of the years. She was my ideal woman (poor William was twice married) in my younger days and stays there in pride of place today.

She was simple, unlettered and woefully ignorant about anything involving too much thought. But despite this she had a wonderful personality, and her simple faith guided her to right decisions more infallibly than a higher education might have done.

My Aunt Annie (i.e. Mrs. Annie Murray Williamson) came one day and engaged Father in a discussion on Socialism. Simple Mother listened awhile and then exploded - ordering her sister out of the house. She never came again.

My sister, Alice Palmer, was a Bible student. This was, in Mother's view, a waste of time. She told an Alderman who was also a Bible student that their meetings were resulting in clandestine liasons, which was a fact.

Mother had a lovely soprano voice and sang her favourite hymns for us, usually accompanied on the violin by Father. Mother often spoke of singing on the Glasgow Green with the City of Glasgow Mission. I could never get a cross word from Mother, no matter what I did wrong. I was her pet, especially after my wee sister Margaret died of "brain fever" in those days, at nine years of age.

My father on his deathbed confessed that he had failed to play the game by her, but she comforted him and would not confirm his culpability."

Alice Palmer confirms her mother's good voice and her liking for the songs of Robert Burns. "My parents were devoted to each other, and attended temperance meetings".

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