Generation: D

Fred Irving

Born: 1903 Died: 1974
Father: Tom Irving
Mother: Jessie Wilson McLeary

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Farmer at Border Cottage, Springfield, Gretna 263

Met by RLM and MBM, 1970

Has sister, Mrs. Thomson at 97, Victoria Ave., Gretna (as at 1970) and aonother, May, 21 Carbury Road (?), Gretna

Fred, who died in 1974, farmed at Springfield, Gretna. I knew him and his charming wife. He was a great character, Fred, talking often of his grandfather "the Pig King" - a successful farmer, a breeder of cattle and pigs and a great story teller. Fred developed by artificial insemination many find beasts. He was send to S. Africa as an advisor on breeding by A.I.

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