Generation: F

Robert Hague Mackay

Born: 1956
Father: Alan Lindsay Mackay
Mother: Sheila Thorne Hague

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Author of this stack.

[Picture] with his Great Grandmother, Robina Wilson Brown.

[Picture] at Strathnaver.

Alan L. Mackay, 30 July 1980 (RLM's 84th Birthday):

To see RLM's notebook in Mountain View, California and to recall a small son swimming in the harbour of Trsteno, near Dubrovnik, circa 1965.


We launch this Argosy, loaded with everything that we may expect to carry over to the future.

What may we give him for the journey and for his life in a new land - there is no map and the compass varies ?

Only the little black notebook with what his grandfather had found useful, when he went to the wars.

A.L Mackay

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