Generation: C

Edward Williamson and Anthony Gardner

Ann Matheson Murray

Father: William Murray
Mother: Margaret Buchanan


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Annie was the eldest. She married Ted (Edward) Williamson, of Renton, Dumbartonshire. He seems to have been quite a lad! A story is told of a gamekeeper on an estate near Dumbarton Rock chasing a poacher, who ran to the top of the Rock and jumped or dived into the Clyde. When the gamekeeper saw this he said, "There's only one man who dare do this and it's Ted Williamson". He was captured later.

Ted lived with Annie long enough to produce seven children, whose names are recorded on the tables. Then Ted was divorced by Annie and she married an Englishman for a change, Anthony Gardner, a money-lender. This was his third marriage, Annie's second. It was a failure. They were incompatible and separated. He died in 1914.

Annie became, according to Alice Palmer, a Christadelphian (i.e. rejected The Trinity), along with her sister Jean. Their father did not approve. "He was very staunch in his ideas". Another source says it was Spiritualism which attracted Annie, and Christadelphianism which attracted Jean and Margaret. Annie's end? Don't know!

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